Family photography session at home in Sevenoaks


I've been wanting to write about this family photography session in Sevenoaks for what seems like ages! The family bought a full package of prints, digitals and a beautiful multi print frame and they asked me not to publish the photos until after they had a chance to give the mounted prints as gifts at Christmas time. I have to say, I love meeting all of my families but I really enjoyed this session with Steve, Nic and their two children. This is a family which is full of fun and we had such a great time doing activities together and playing in the garden.

Little Colour-49.jpg
Little B&W-18.jpg
Little B&W-32.jpg
Little Colour-3.jpg

Steve and Nic made wonderful coffee, so the session started with a lovely cup of milky flat white, before we headed in to the lounge to get some relaxed shots of the four of them snuggling on the sofa. The family just then proceeded to do what they love to do. We got out games, played the piano, read books and then frolicked in the garden, playing piggy back races, dancing and general mucking about.

Little B&W-5.jpg

Nic and Steve's cottage is absolutely gorgeous and it provided a beautiful backdrop for their family photos. What's so wonderful is that they now have a lovely set of photos showing them hanging out with their kids, in that beautiful home. They chose a gorgeous 9 aperture framed multi-print which is hanging now just to the right of this image (above where the sparkly sofa is). The images go so well in the room as the photos match the colour scheme exactly and now they have a permanent record of their family right now at this very special time.

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 20.25.17.png

Steve and Nic were delighted with their photos and knew straight away that they wanted to buy all of the digitals. I am so pleased that they decided to go ahead and also order this beautiful framed set of prints plus 10 mounted printed images. There is such a danger with just digitals that the USB goes in a drawer and is never to be seen again, until it is a defunct piece of technology that needs to be upgraded. The printers that I use guarantee the print quality of these images to last a lifetime, so they will not fade and will look just as beautiful when these two gorgeous children are fully grown, looking back on their childhoods when they visit their mum and dad.

I am thrilled that this relaxed family session now sets in print for this family the beautiful relationship between these gorgeous parents and their very lucky children. When these two little ones look back at these images they will remember two parents who play, cuddle and quite clearly adore them.