Personal Brand Story Sessions

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You’re working hard to grow your brand and know you need to post images to social media every day to connect with your followers, but you’re struggling to find authentic, cohesive images to use on your blog, website, Instagram feed or Facebook page.


You know you’re worth more to your business and to your family by spending your time on them than you are by spending hours behind your camera, worrying every day about where your next image is coming from.


You want to join the top performing entrepreneurs and influencers who are enhancing their online personal brand whilst simultaneously freeing up their time to do more of what’s important to them.


Get 3 months of images in one well planned photography session 4 times a year

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Save weeks of your time, lost to content image creation and instead spend less than a day every quarter with me.


Get back those precious hours and days to spend with your family or on adding value to your business.


I’ll come to your home, your office, your holidays, your events, wherever you need me to be to help you capture images which show who you are, so that you can share it with the world.

I will be like a member of your team - your own personal paparazzi!


Working together, we will identify the stories which you want to share with your ideal client.


We will create your instagram posts for a whole three months, your launch images, your website updates, your Facebook ad images - whatever you need for your marketing plans and content for the whole quarter ahead.


The images will both complement your marketing plans and inspire your content creation.

I will edit the images to match your style

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All story sessions come with:

~ an editorial plan to capture stories at your shoot – each with a unique location and look

~ up to a whole day photography shoot - but it can be much shorter if speed is your thing!

~ capturing up to 5 stories which will resonate with your audience (e.g. Family, Travel, Sport, Hobbies, Business)

~ guidance for natural looking posing during shoot

~ sizing and cropping for all social media platforms (must be agreed in advance)

~ hair and makeup artist

~ same week image selection and delivery

£1,800 per session


£6,000 one off Annual payment (£1,500 a session)



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